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- Luis R.

"Dr. Inna Yuryev-Golger was very kind and gentle. She was very thorough and sympathetic. The wait time was not astronomical, and I was out of the office in a timely fashion. I felt she listened and understood my plight. I highly recommend her and will frequent her office, as I feel very comfortable with her."

- Helen O.

"Dr. Yuryev-Golger was warm, knowledgeable, and overall, I had a great experience meeting with her—especially given I was a new patient. I’d definitely recommend if you’re looking for a psychiatrist in her area!"

- Anonymous

"I felt as though the dr. was comprehensive in her initial intake questions and had a warmth to her that I appreciated. It felt like a good fit and I would recommend her. There also was no wait time which I especially appreciated."

- Anonymous

"An excellent psychiatrist. I do not mind when she looks at her computer screen to type in current updates as this is protocol and always reengages with eye contact. I find it unfair to rate her badly because she was looking at her keyboard when typing! From my point of view an outstanding pharmacologist. Always reminding me she is here for my benefit, and virtually always acting humbly. So much more goes into the treatment of a patient than what most patients comprehend. A highly respectable doctor who is clearly in the right field of work. Many thanks for her time, understanding, and sincere and authentic personality. A gem in the sea of doctors. "

- Anonymous

"Excellent staff. Excellent doctor. I've been going to this office for the past 3 years and am very sad because I moved away to Texas. Highly recommended. Lana is the best."

- Anonymous

"Dr Yuryev-Golger was sensitive, asked the right questions, listened carefully to my answers, and made me feel confident in her abilities as a psychiatrist. I took her recommendations regarding medication adjustment and have seen improvement and have scheduled another appointment."

- Anonymous

"The visit was excellent. The staff was very kind and respectful. The office was clean and the waiting room was pleasant. Would reccomend the doctor for other patients. "

- Anonymous

"I was asked many questions so that I can receive a proper diagnosis. I cryed during the questions and she consoled me. The language barrier was there, but not difficult. She wanted to understand me and wanted to help me. I felt very comfortable and secure and safe. I believe I recieved a proper diagnosis. I was contimplating on seeing a Psychiatrist, but I am happy that I did. Overall she was very nice and concerned for me. I left feeling more knowledgeable of my myself. Very satisfying :)"

- Anonymous

"I think Dr. Yuryev-Golger is committed to her patients. She is very professional, personable, kind and knowledgeable. She was also VERY attentive to my past history and really spent alot of time with me to get to know my issues and problems before making recommendations on how to treat my condition. I thought that was great because I have been to other psychiatrists in the past who simply want to write a prescription and brush you off so they can see their next patient. I really appreciated Dr. Yuryev-Golger in how she made a genuine effort to evaluate the root core of my problems- something that no other psychiatrist has done. We had a wonderful session which was very productive and I look forward to my follow up appt in 1 month. Thank you very much for helping me. "

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