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When you make an appointment with Dr.Inna Yuryev-Golger, you are taking an active step toward improving your mental, as well as your overall, health; in doing so, you are playing an important part in your own healing. Dr. Yuryev-Golger believes that mind, body and spirit have a powerful connection and are interconnected as well as interdependent; you cannot heal one component at the expense of another. Let Dr. Golger’s psychiatric and neurologic expertise and experience guide you toward your best, strongest self.

A thorough evaluation of a new patient in Dr. Golger’s practice includes gathering a comprehensive patient history, understanding the patient’s reason for seeking treatment, and answering patient questions. Upon completion of the evaluation period, Dr. Yuryev-Golger will then present her thoughts and treatment recommendations; this includes giving her patient a clear diagnosis, as well as medication recommendations, if necessary. She will then continue treatment by monitoring the patient’s condition and response to medication in regular, continued meetings.

Dr. Yuryev-Golger is available Monday through Friday for in-office appointments. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call Dr. Golger’s office during her regular office hours.


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